Bay Leaf will provide our services in the following basic phase-in approach:


Orientation (hearing)

We will have a hearing session to discuss the direction of the business, the schedule to open the business and the budgets, and we will develop a framework for our client’s project by incorporating the necessary elements according to the discussion. We will also conduct field investigations to verify advantages and disadvantages from the hardware aspects.


Base Plans

We will develop a design concept and a plane zoning plan for opening the shop after ample consideration of the details of the orientation, results of field investigations, and any relevant laws and regulations. In this phase, after we absorb and reflect our client’s viewpoints to the design concept and plane zoning plan, we will propose the base plans.


Presentation of design

We will deliver presentation of the interior design based on the plane zoning plan.


  1. Computer graphic perspective (CGP) – Completion image drawings,
  2. Image collage boards including image photos, printings and like to complement the completion image drawings, and
  3. Material boards, collection of interior materials in connection with the completion image drawings


Display Design

We will offer display designs in connection with the interior design.

  1. We will coordinate displays to support the space interpretation.
  2. We will make a proposal of designs of original furniture, fancy lighting fixture which match each space.
  3. We will make a proposal of unique and original interior materials designs.


Designing services

Following Phases 1 to 3, we will develop design drawings and directions in accordance with the Construction Laws and other bylaws.



Based on the developed design drawings and directions, we will have a briefing session for bidding to the project. We will call for constructors, vendors and contractors of those recommended by our client or Bay Leaf to the briefing session, and explain the details, design drawings and documents, processes, etc. We will examine if the collected estimates have any omission or the price is appropriate or not, and finalize the vendors and contractors after the approval of our client.


Budget adjustment

According to the estimates submitted by the vendors and contractors as finalized in the previous phase, we will review the contents of the designs to adjust them within your budget, and finalize the details of the designs in line with the budget for the actual construction works. We will have meetings with the constructors, vendors and contractors.


Supervising designing

We will have periodic field meetings according to the pre-determined schedule, discuss how to address occurrence of issues which inhibit the progress of construction works, determine the directions of the solutions and report all of them to our client, as the construction works is advanced during the period from the start of construction to the delivery.


Completion inspection

We will correct problems, etc. found in the audit by competent authorities or in any process of construction works, and commissioning of individual facilities and equipment with witnesses of our client, Bay Leaf, constructors, vendors and contractors, and other involved companies in the project.


We will provide consultation for requests after the delivery, including our client’s various concerns, improvements and like.